Speaking & Workshops

Phil Symchcyh discusses his Workshops and Speaking services

Our dynamic speaking and workshop presentations include:

Outrageous Business Growth Workshop: Four P’s to Profitable Growth

Clarify your purpose, align your processes, accelerate your performance, and keep it all in perspective with our high-paced workshop that can dramatically accelerate your business growth, increase business value, and provide freedom and reduced stress for the owners.

Why There’s No Success In Succession

Seven steps to maximizing business value and positioning your company for succession or sale. Steps include:
fire yourself, it will be easier than you think; separate your owner/manager roles; develop management successors and excess capacity for critical roles in your business; provide information to empower individual decision making and enhance accountability.

Show Me The Money

How to get financing in today’s economy. Did you know your banker measures over 30 ratios on your business and analyzes your financial trends over several years? Do you do this? Does your banker know more about your business than you do?

Number Cruncher

Get your black belt in business metrics. Develop leading and lagging indicators for your business. Identify marketing, operational, and human resource metrics that are financial and non-financial. Use metrics in real-time to measure, control and influence business performance. Learn why a negative days to cash is a very good thing. Learn how to get a three dimensional view of your business in real time.